Credits will be a new type of currency that can be acquired by performing certain actions on the site. I’m going to experiment with this, currently 10 Credits is equivalent to 5 Dollars. So, you could sign up for the site and create a Post (see the rules below) and you’d have $5 within a couple of minutes.

  • Creating a Post that is approved by one of the mods ¬†– 5 Credits
  • Joining the site – 5 credits
  • Logging into the site – 1 Credit/day
  • Leaving a Comment on a Post or Page that is approved by one of the mods – 1 Credit

Posts need to be well thought out and original. They should fall within the theme of the website too (read my posts to get a feel for what will be approved). If it gets published on the site, then you’ll get the credits. My email is – send an email indicating if you want it via paypal or Bitcoin.¬†Please send me an email with suggestions as well. Thank you.