Fuzzy Feels

For quite a few years now I’ve had the idea of running a revenue generating website where people would come to learn, interact and explore. The site and its name came to me in a flash. Immediately I started building the site and there was so much momentum in the flow of ideas and their manifestation.  As traffic flowed in so did my excitement. Eventually 1nder was DDOS’d and I had no idea how to react, my knee-jerk reaction was to shutdown. So I put the brakes on and started working on a plan B. Well, plan B has been paying the bills, but I believe I was experiencing my upper limit problem. I thought I was getting too deep into something I wasn’t yet ready for or didn’t deserve.

The idea and desire has still not left me. When I apply energy to it I’m always getting something in return. As I write posts more often, I’ve noticed my writing comes out more fluidly and with less effort. A lot of topics that I write about force me to read more about them, and a majority of the time I end up talking to people about the subject within a day or two of writing about it. I feel writing is very important as it helps cement one’s thoughts in a therapeutic exercise of playing wordsmith. Labor is not as important as it once was, especially in the future as machines end up doing a vast majority of this type of work. White-collar work feels like a time-sink with very little reward (mostly monetary and training that you can carry with you). I find enjoyment mostly in the act of creation, this is what I do and want to do. The question to ask yourself is, “What would you do if money was of no concern?”

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