Advertisers in the future will be forced to pay the consumer. As augmented reality goes mainstream, you will have the option of blocking out all advertisements on your commute to work. This will be feasible by using windshields that have the ability to filter out (or even display) certain items. This will render a lot of physically-placed advertisements obsolete. As more cars become fully automated, people will have more time to spend consuming advertisements while they are driving (money for you the consumer). We’ll have glasses that can block out any unwanted content too. This change will revolutionize the way advertisements are consumed. Imagine being able to make money by simply adjusting the amount of advertisements that are allowed into your field of view on a given day.

Today, we spend our time consuming a majority of ads for free. Of course the ad companies are paying the television networks, magazines, or billboard companies to put their ads on display. But they should also be paying YOU. You are already paying the cable company to watch their ad-filled TV-shows, same goes for newspapers, magazines and websites. The change to paying the person on the receiving end sounds great initially, but once you begin to think of people living in augmented realities bombarded by advertisements just to make some extra cash, it begins to sound a little strange. Then again, there are definitely worse ways to make a living. It’s ironic that technology has really increased the amount of ads that we see on a daily basis, but as we learn to control it at a finer level, it should completely reverse the trend.

None of this really discusses whether advertising in its current state is morally justifiable. A quote from a site that discusses this subject sums it up quite well, “Our right to preserve our own attention and to make our own decisions about how we spend it and with whom our personal information is shared must become part of the political agenda.”

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