Raw Data

I figured I’d write a quick review about Raw Data since I picked it up today. At $40, the game is a bit on the expensive side. But I must say it is the most polished and fun game I’ve played in VR so far. You feel like a Jedi with the ability to slow down time and deflect laser blasts coming at you. You can throw down turrets to protect your ‘Core’. There are multiple classes that you can upgrade, each with different abilities. I dove right into a multiplayer and it was a blast. I’m really looking forward to what VR has to offer in the future.

My one complaint is that the HTC is a bit bulky and becomes almost painful to wear after an hour or so, especially if you’re wearing headphones.  This will become a non-issue as all technology is undergoing rapid miniaturization. Seeing someone next to you in VR is a surreal experience. VR is the next best thing to being next to someone in real life. Nothing will ever beat the real thing, but this will come incredibly close and it adds another layer to what is not possible in real life. Augmented reality will blend the two worlds together which is even more promising.

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