Making Money

Money today is a funny thing, our US dollar is essentially controlled and printed by a private bank called the Federal Reserve. It seems that anyone can invent their own currency (proven by the cryptocurrency-boom, here you can see all the different types of cryptocurrency). The trick is making it nearly impossible to counterfeit (which seems quite easy with the US dollar compared to cryptocurrencies), and difficult enough to obtain in order to make the effort expended while acquiring it valuable. In a lot of futuristic movies or novels you’ll hear about a credit system, where you’re given a certain amount of credits that you can buy stuff with.

In a post I made earlier, I said that we should incentivize learning by essentially paying people to do it. This would reduce crime, provide education to those who can’t afford it (by essentially turning it into a job), and it would offer a new style of teaching. The core-curriculum hasn’t changed much over the last century and we still haven’t molded the curriculum to the student. Instead, we mold the student to fit the curriculum. If he or she doesn’t fit then they are put at an unnecessary disadvantage when another teaching style might work perfectly well for them. Sure, not everyone is cut out for college or AP courses, but a lot of time is wasted trying to program kids to learn the same material. I’m going to introduce a credit system on this website with more information to come on how they’re earned and what they can be spent on.

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