The Blame Game

Most conflicts or arguments involve an escalating race to who can come up with the most excuses for being the victim. If a victim exists, this requires the other party to admit to being the oppressor. Even if there is an obvious oppressor, rarely will they admit to playing the role. They will come up with more excuses to justify their actions, in an attempt to make themselves appear to be the victim. The problem is trying to assign responsibility for resolving the conflict to a particular party. In reality both sides are each 100% responsible for resolving the conflict. Let’s take Israel and Palestine for example, while there very well may be a clear oppressor in this situation, both sides have 100% responsibility in resolving the conflict.

1 state solution

Each of them will also have to give up something in order to achieve something greater. In order to live in peace, the barrier between the 2 states will need to be removed so that they can become 1. This will eventually have to happen throughout the globe, and there is no better place to begin the process than this war-torn region. We have out-grown the practice and use of national borders. We have to carefully think if these imaginary lines are still necessary and serving our best interest or if they are vestigial structures left over from history. Dissolving the borders will not be a simple process but it must be considered. We all live on the Earth as 1 species, while we may categorize ourselves by our race, religion, or party-affiliation, we have to learn that we are each 100% responsible for fixing whatever problem we find ourselves in, even if we perceive ourselves as the victim. We must begin to look at ourselves as a collective whole if we want to fix the problems facing us today.

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